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Kountry Specialties
“Dishwasher Ham Recipe”


*Petit Jean Ham of your choice—Standard 3 Day Shipping Included in the cost.

*Dishwasher—yes, you heard right—your dishwasher (DO NOT ADD SOAP).

*Plastic or Metal Colander that allows water to drain          through it.

Cooking Instructions:
*Completely thaw and leave your Ham in its Protective Plastic Wrap to help hold the moisture in.

*Put your Ham inside the colander and place it on the bottom rack of your dishwasher.

*Turn your dishwasher on and let it go through its complete cycle, including the drying cycle.

*Whenever the drying cycle is complete, take the Ham / Colander out and let the Ham rest for 30 minutes.

*Remove the Ham from its Protective Plastic Wrap and serve.

This will be the most Moist / Tender / Perfectly Heated Ham you will ever eat.

“Great Space Saving Tip”—frees up your oven cooking space to prepare other dishes.